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It is a unique resource where you find up-to-date education and information about the everyday things that happen to us during the transition to middle age. Applies to all age groups, because we will be touching on topics that concern, girls and early-youth women. Preparing for menopause, I think it is a process that starts from the same day that our reproductive life begins. All women are able to get pregnant as soon as the arrival of menarche or first menstruation.

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About Dr. Angela Gala (Angie)

Dr. Angela Gala is a health professional whose passion is to provide health and quality of life to people. In more than 25 years of work, he provided advice on the development of health systems nationally and internationally. It has encouraged collaboration with the community through applications for successful grants to optimize operations within nonprofit organizations. She trained thousands of health professionals abroad and in the United States while invited to Houston University and Rise University. She has concurrent responsibilities as a member of the nonprofit organization "Power on Heels". The University of South Texas named her “Preceptor of the Year” in 2019. Her contributions to capacity building in strategic planning and evaluation earned her the recognition of promising practices of the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO). Dr. Angela Gala created the “WoMen Balance Total” initiative to inform, train and provide non-medical alternatives in the self-management of health signs, symptoms and perceptions to women who are in or prepare for middle age and the climaterium.
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