The things we enjoy every day are only a small part of our life. Your ability to acquire things do not determine prosperity as much as the ability to move through each stage of your life overcoming challenges and difficulties. The exchange value of a resource (i.e. how modern or expensive it is) is not more important than the use-value to someone that has achieved prosperity. Whoever is prosperous knows how to eat, share, dance, play, serve their community, care for the elderly, protect the environment. The successful person does not speak of beliefs but put them into practice. Spiritual life and real life are part of an integrated whole. Depending on how we balance our spiritual and material world, we express our state of health and how close or far we are from prosperity.

In our Health Coaching program, we focus on developing a skillful conversation based on evidence. Our Program uses clinically proven coaching strategies. Together, we personalize the interventions that will get you actively involved and safely in sustainable behavioral change and ongoing health. We help you incorporate skills to manage your health better, prevent and control acute and chronic health risks and conditions until you achieve optimal well-being. Your results? A lower health risk, lower health care costs, high sense of personal satisfaction, better performance in achieving your personal goals.

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About Dr. Angela Gala (Angie)

Dr. Angela Gala is a health professional whose passion is to provide health and quality of life to people. In more than 25 years of work, he provided advice on the development of health systems nationally and internationally. It has encouraged collaboration with the community through applications for successful grants to optimize operations within nonprofit organizations. She trained thousands of health professionals abroad and in the United States while invited to Houston University and Rise University. She has concurrent responsibilities as a member of the nonprofit organization "Power on Heels". The University of South Texas named her “Preceptor of the Year” in 2019. Her contributions to capacity building in strategic planning and evaluation earned her the recognition of promising practices of the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO). Dr. Angela Gala created the “WoMen Balance Total” initiative to inform, train and provide non-medical alternatives in the self-management of health signs, symptoms and perceptions to women who are in or prepare for middle age and the climaterium.
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