“No matter how life goes, dazzle everyone. You love caring for yourself. You thank God for your blessings and smile with satisfaction for what you’ve lived. You keep building your best self.”

Dr. Angela Gala, 2019


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Aging is a natural process of life and happens as age increases. However, environmental factors, eating habits, and personal care contribute to 80% of the aging process. So, in general, we all end up suffering from premature aging.

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How to reduce the impact of the environment, our habits, and lifestyle?

1. Identify what your leading aging accelerators are

We have different responses to the effects of environmental factors such as ultraviolet rays (A and B), temperature and humidity, polluting particles, dust, and dirt. But the truth is that they affect us all.

We live in a world dominated by foods loaded with sugars and saturated fats. Fast foods are an accessible resource to solve the need for time. Stress is one of the most common risk factors in communities, and obesity is a growing epidemic.

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Most of us are unaware of the impact caused by ultraviolet rays on our regenerative processes of the skin.

2. Know how affected your skin is. (In Angie’s MK Studio we have a tool to diagnose facial skin damage)

3. Visit your habits (those that protect you and those that affect you), correct those that accelerate your aging.

The diet is crucial, eating foods that provide the necessary nutrients to maintain a dynamic balance of the body’s regenerative processes. Foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and unsaturated fats are of the utmost importance.

However, sometimes our body does not absorb these nutrients enough to maintain effective protein production to nourish the skin and keep it young and healthy for longer. Therefore, it is recommended to use products that directly provide these nutrients. That’s why there are skincare regimens.

At Angie’s MK Studio, we help you incorporate a comprehensive skincare routine and improve your performance to enhance your beauty according to your concept.

Consultations are in Spanish and English. 🌺

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Dr. Angela Gala is a health professional whose passion is to provide health and quality of life to people. In more than 25 years of work, he provided advice on the development of health systems nationally and internationally. It has encouraged collaboration with the community through applications for successful grants to optimize operations within nonprofit organizations. She trained thousands of health professionals abroad and in the United States while invited to Houston University and Rise University. She has concurrent responsibilities as a member of the nonprofit organization "Power on Heels". The University of South Texas named her “Preceptor of the Year” in 2019. Her contributions to capacity building in strategic planning and evaluation earned her the recognition of promising practices of the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO). Dr. Angela Gala created the “WoMen Balance Total” initiative to inform, train and provide non-medical alternatives in the self-management of health signs, symptoms and perceptions to women who are in or prepare for middle age and the climaterium.
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